Book Training Sessions

Below you can apply to book for training sessions during the lockdown period. Please check the rules at the bottom of the page before applying.

If a date is not available, this means that the session is already fully booked. Please look for a different option.

General Guidance for Club members

  • Before making your booking please check for symptoms of Covid-19. If you are symptomatic, living in a household with a possible Covid-19 infection, or if you are classified as extremely vulnerable on health grounds, you should remain at home and follow Government advice.
  • Practice sessions must be booked online
  • All players taking part in practice sessions must be members of Bicester & North Oxford CC, via either the payment of a 2020 subscription, or via membership of the 200 Club
  • Attendance at each practice session is limited to:
    • 5 x player and a coach
    • 6 x players
  • There will be a separate station for 6 players at a time, which will be kept far apart from one another for safety reasons.
  • Players from different households must not share transport on the way to training
  • Practice must only take place during the Club’s designated opening hours. These are currently:
    • Tuesday: 6pm – 8pm
    • Thursday 6pm – 8pm
  • These opening hours are subject to change depending on the prevailing advice from the ECB and Government, and the successful implementation of these guidelines at a Club level
  • Sessions are limited to the use of one fixed net and one roll on net per session. The use of open practice on the cricket squares and outfield is not allowed at this time
  • Sessions will begin on the scheduled time and will last for 1 hour 45 minutes. The remaining 15 minutes of the session must be used to clean equipment ahead of the next session, and to help avoid a cross-over between players/sessions
  • You must not arrive more than 15 minutes prior to a session start time
  • Players are responsible for cleaning equipment after their sessions, under the guidance of the Club Official. A checklist will be provided
  • In line with the ECB guidelines, a Club Official will be on site during opening hours
  • Bookings may be limited initially to ensure participation is available to all senior players. More than one booking for the same player(s) on the same day may not be accepted, even if this is with a different group of players.
  • Players must bring their own hand sanitiser

During practice sessions

  • Players/coaches from different households must stay a minimum of 2m apart at all times
  • Players/coaches should only use their own equipment, including balls
  • Sweat and saliva must not be used on the ball
  • Cricket balls must not be shared between players/coaches from different households
  • Protective gloves (provided) must be warn at all times by anyone feeding the bowling machine. These should be put on before the bowling machine or balls are touched, and must remain on until the bowling machine has been cleaned, either at the end of the session, or when players swap roles during the session. Used gloves and wipes should be placed in a small bag and taken home for disposal in your household waste
  • If players swap roles during the session, the following rules must be observed:
    • The batsman should clean the stumps using the wipes provided
    • The player feeding the bowling machine must leave their protective gloves on while they wipe down the bowling machine. Particular attention should be paid to the handle, dials, step-ladder handles, bucket handle, etc.
    • Members of different households must ensure a minimum distance of 2m during changeover
    • Before handling the balls or touching the bowling machine, the person swapping to the machine must put on protective gloves
  • The batsman must not retrieve any balls for the bowler/bowling machine operator
  • If a bowler is bowling, the batsman may use his/her bat to hit a ball back to a bowler to ensure social distancing is observed
  • If the bowling machine is being used, the batsman must vacate the net while the person feeding the bowling machine collects all the balls, unless they are from the same household
  • The pavilion will be locked, but the outdoor toilet will be open for use, and must be cleaned/wiped down after each session. Players should wash their hands thoroughly after use.
  • Anyone ‘mitting’ for a bowler from a different household must wear a protective glove on their ‘other’ hand


What’s the rationale behind the rules issued by the Club?

These rules have been issued with the following priorities in mind:

A) Protecting the safety of members, their families and the general public by minimising the risk of spread of Covid-19
B) Operating within the guidelines issued by the ECB
C) Allowing players to return to organised practice.
D) Being an example of Best Practice within the cricketing community.

Where ambiguity has been identified in the guidance available to us, we have unapologetically erred on the side of caution; we want the club and its members to act within the spirit of the guidance as well as to letter.

The full ECB guidance can be viewed here.

Why do I have to pay to become a member?

Only Club members are covered by our insurance. Usually this is part and parcel of the subscription process, but this year that’s not the case. Membership options start at just £12 for the year via a 200 Club Membership (which of course also gives you the chance to win one of our quarterly cash prizes). A social club membership which includes 200 Club membership is only £15. Paying full or part-season subs will also make you a member, the former includes 200 Club membership, the latter doesn’t.

Why is there a maximum of six people?

The ECB’s guidelines are very clear – practice should be for no more than six people. One person can be a coach, but there can only ever be a maximum of six people in a group.

Why can a Club Official be present, but not a seventh player?

The ECB guidelines state a club representative must be present during opening hours to ensure guidelines are adhered to. The representative will take no part in the practice session and will conform to social distancing measures at all times. The representative is also there to ensure equipment is cleaned properly between sessions, and to keep a record of those players attending training in case there is a need to ‘track and trace’ any diagnosed cases of Covid-19.

When can we use the squares or outfield in open practice?

As tenants of the BSA we are required to follow their instructions as regards which facilities we can use. Initially this is use of the fixed nets and roll on nets only. This will include the occasional use of a turf practice wicket but this is not guaranteed.

When can we do fielding practice?

We are still working on ideas to allow us to start group fielding sessions and at the time of writing there have not been any ECB guidelines

Why are we only able to book sessions on a limited number of evenings and only on a Saturday?

We hope to expand the number of sessions available for bookings once we have enough confidence that our process for practice works and is being followed.

We must also consider that each session must be overseen by a club representative and we need to train these up first.

It is anticipated that some evenings will be allocated exclusively to youth players.

Why can’t I book more than one session per day?

We want all members to have equal opportunity to book practice sessions. If sessions are still available or become available due to cancellation, this will be communicated to members via the usual channels and will be available to those players who haven’t already got a session booked that day first.

Can I practice at the ground outside of the available practice sessions?

No. The facilities must not be used outside of the designated times, as stated by the ECB guidelines. Signage will be in place at all times to remind users of the opening times and booking process.

What next?

The systems in place can be scaled up or down depending on the prevailing advice from the Government and the ECB.

The priority for the club is to ensure players not only know the guidelines, but demonstrate they are able to abide by them.

Once we can demonstrate that these systems are not only effective but are also being followed, we can then take the appropriate steps to expand the sessions and facilities on offer, as long as it is suitable to do so, and that any new measures are within ECB and Government guidelines.